Courtesy photo
Bobcat defense in action.

It might have been the pressure of the situation they faced, or a combination of other things, but knowing they had to win at West Wendover last Friday might have proved to be too much for a young bunch of White Pine Bobcats to handle.

Coach Nick Lopez said it was like going back to the beginning of the season: “We couldn’t move the ball, couldn’t do anything and it seemed like every pass we attempted was intercepted, giving them the ball on the 20 yard line several times, it was like we just started the season all over again.”He thought the team committed at least nine turnovers, giving the Wolverines ample opportunities to score, and they did, in shutting out White Pine 38-0.

The loss will knock the Bobcats out of the playoff race for this year. And the Bobcats had their last game this Thursday with second-place Battle Mountain.Lopez said the loss to West Wendover (5-3, 3-2), whom White Pine had beaten the last four times, was a good lesson for the team to learn, “that you have to take every game one at a time, you can’t be thinking ahead.”He said Tyler Whipple, Adam Theurer and Saxtyn Brewster all had some big runs in the game, “Yet the score didn’t show that our boys really tried to play well, the bad just outweighed the good, especially the fumbles and interceptions, all of which gave West Wendover good field position, and several times they took full advantage of our miscues.

“Had it not been for the turnovers, it would have been a close game. Right at the outset, we were moving the ball downfield, then we fumbled. Overall, I think the pressure of a must win game situation was a little too much, trying too hard and making errors.”But the Bobcats do have a number of talented  young players for the future with much to look forward too, so, as the Yankees and the Cubs will be saying, White Pine will says also, “Wait till next year!”