Pablo Martinez

Fred Paiz

The Ely Times

Nevada Highway Patrol made a routine traffic stop Fri., Oct. 27 that resulted in a arrest of two subjects on drug trafficking charges.

NHP reported that a vehicle being driven by Fred Paiz, 29, was stopped about 2 miles outside of McGill. The driver was speeding at an excess of 76 miles an hour.

NHP ran Paiz for wants and warrants and an outstanding arrest warrant for Paiz out of Idaho for trafficking came back as a positive hit.

Paiz was transported and booked into the White Pine County Jail. Passenger Pablo Martinez, 21, was ran and no wants or warrants came back for him. Martinez was released, Paiz was taken into custody and a search warrant for the vehicle was obtained.

Upon searching the vehicle, a stolen .40 caliber pistol was found, in addition to a pound of methamphetamine.

Martinez was located and booked into the White Pine County Jail.  Martinez and Paiz were both charged with trafficking methamphetamine, unlawful possession of a drug paraphernalia, ex-felon in possession of a fire arm, transporting a controlled substance, possession of a stolen firearm and possession of methamphetamine both with a bail of $500,000 each on these charges.

Paiz has additional charges and bail amounts from out of state that he is pending extradition on once the court is satisfied here locally. An arraignment had been scheduled for both on Nov. 2 at 11  a.m.

When contacted for a comment, D.A. Mike Wheable said “While I don’t have a comment on this specific case, this is a reminder to our community that while we are going about our business, shopping at a local store, fueling our vehicles, or taking our children to and from school, there may be a trafficker of high levels of methamphetamine or heroin closer than we want to believe”.  “Our local NHP, NDI, and Sheriff’s Office remain vigilant about detecting these individuals and keeping our community safe from this poison.” My office will continue to pursue and prosecute these types of cases to the fullest extent possible to combat this epidemic.” Furthermore, this also exemplifies the importance of educating our children of the dangers of illicit narcotics in hope of deterring its use which will ultimately lead to a more productive and healthy community.