Courtesy photo/Western Images
Khloe Keppner in barrell racing.

The following are results from the rodeo in Silver Spring, and the most current results as of October 20th.

Barrell Racing

6th place – Shay Zeman-Heckethorn

25 place – Teanna Green

Breakaway Roping

32nd place Teanna Green

41st place Khloe Keppner

Pole Bending

11th Shay Zeman-Heckethorn

18th Teanna Green

23rd Maggie Wines

Rifle Shoot

1st Tyler Whipple

10th Tyler Carson

Saddle Bronc

2nd Wyatt Jordan

Steer Wrestling

3rd Chace Green

Trap Shoot

1st Tyler Whipple

2nd Colton Harris

5th Tyler Carson