To the Editor:

A thank you to all of those in our area that are willing to give their time to respond to anyone in the time of need.

I have recently seen postings on Facebook questioning their response by firefighters to a report of a fire.

I hear people talking about the amount of time it takes for the response of our law enforcement staff, fire department and ambulance to respond.

Our law enforcement have a very large lonely area to patrol.  They may be miles away from any help they can put their lives on the line every day to provide you and your family with protection.  The firefighters and EMTs are mostly volunteers, who give their time freely to respond when their pagers respond.

It may be while they are sleeping, sitting and relaxing, in the middle of their meal, it pulls them away from their special times with their family and loved ones.

They all have jobs to do when they respond to an incident.

They have to wear many hats at the same time while trying to protect and care for those in need.

They are expected to protect you from whatever is the current issue.  They have to be the Peacekeeper, the shoulder that you need to lean on.

I hear people saying they overheard them talking, laughing or joking while on the scene of an accident.

Before judging them stop and try to understand, this is the only way they have to try and hold themselves together in the face of tragedy.  It keeps them from just sitting down and crying from the hurt and the pain that they are both witnessing and sharing with the people involved.

When everything is completed and they return to their stations.  They then have only each other to lean on and express their grief and sorrow.

They then return home to their families and jobs.  And go on with their lives. When night time comes and they try to lay down and get that much needed sleep, but they keep reliving what they saw and hear.  They hurt both for the victims and their families. They keep asking themselves the questions “what if” we had done this different, been able to get there earlier.

So instead of spreading gossip, judging or questioning their actions the next time you see one give them a smile, a simple thank you.

Because remember they will all give their lives freely to rescue those in peril and with God’s help their endeavors are to be on of his noble workers.

Mark Drain