White Pine Middle School is pleased to present Saleena Stokes as the Support Staff Member of the Month for October 2017.

Saleena returns to her third year as a paraprofessional aide working individually with students in the general education classroom setting.

Saleena is an active participant in the school culture as shown through her support of school spirit days, giving of her time at after school activities, and fiercely supporting the notion for all students to Dream Big!

In addition to her assigned duties supporting a special needs student, Saleena provides her talents to students while teaching an elective art class.

Saleena works to hold the district values of high expectations and high levels of support for all students.  She continually works with students to build the belief that they can achieve and she refuses to give up on anyone.  Her belief in success is contagious!

When students struggle, she looks for alternative approaches to make the learning more understandable through the use of different intervention strategies. Saleena exemplifies the district’s mission of promoting, supporting and ensuring high levels of learning for all and works diligently to meet that mission through the vision of working interdependently to achieve.

Saleena is a highly valued member of the White Pine Middle School staff.  Thank you for all you give to our students!