White Pine Middle School is pleased to present Terrill Trask as the Teacher of the Month for October 2017.

Terrill returns to White Pine Middle School for his second year on the teaching staff and his third year at the school.

Terrill has served on the leadership cadre and has been instrumental on the school and district level with the implementation of Infinite Campus.

He is always willing to share his technical knowledge with others and is growing into a future leader for the White Pine County School District. Terrill embodies the district’s mission of promoting, supporting and ensuring high levels of learning for all.

He continually strives to provide for a diverse student body through his dedication to WPMS’s supported self-directed learning model.

Most recently, Terrill is diving into the district goal of increased cognitive demand through literacy instruction in the classroom.

He works with colleagues to create and model lessons that bring a balance of literacy instruction into math content teaching.

Terrill is an example of WPCSD’s vision of “changing the world in a learning environment where all participants work interdependently to achieve.”

He is a critical element to the success of all stakeholders at White Pine Middle School.