Nevada Northern Rail Way Beautification Team (11th Street East)

Monday, November 20 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. East Ely Depot – 1100 Avenue A Downtown Public Plaza Development Team

Tuesday, November 28 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Ely Art Bank – 399 Aultman Street.

Let’s Do Something Now!

Clean Up Suggestions:

•Help with finding monies and ordinances for tearing down blighted buildings

•Façade/Paint empty windows

•Businesses need to wash windows

•Demolish purple motel across from Silver State Restaurant (old Silver State Motel)

•Use abandoned building for fire department training – burn them down to save demolition/disposal cost

•Priorities:  Paint and pull weeds; pick up trash; signage

•Refresh signage/billboard in town that are unsightly

•Remediate soil contamination from old service stations

•Street cleaners need to clean more often to keep downtown pristine

Improvement Suggestions:

•Store front planters and displays

•Have decorative garbage bins throughout downtown next to the planters and benches

•Large banners for upcoming events over the street or in the park

•Flags – maybe NV state or something that can be on the flag poles more often

Create Business Co-op:

•consistency for signage/window/facades


•buy-in for beautification

•instill pride/respect/ownership

•include repainting of exteriors

•business ownership and pride in street front improvements

•Create markers on building explaining the historical value and date built

•Hands-on train displays in vacant lots to create a walking train museum

•Vinyl one-way window sticker for abandoned buildings depicting Old West store themes

•Signage: Wayfinding, kiosk

•Events calendars – digital and on restaurant tables and hotels

•Improve gateway signage to downtown

•Hire a consultant through a grant for signage, etc.

•Advertise “Experiences”

•Promote Dark Skies and Star Gazing

•Become a Dark Skies City

•Every business on Google maps with pleasing pictures

•Small business training on Facebook

General suggestions:

•Chamber of Commerce must be open on weekends!

•Contests to celebrate businesses that have spruced up

•Achievable and measurable goals

•Our outdoors is also a major part of Ely

•Identify and implement one or two projects for upcoming summer to gain momentum

•Branding downtown (Historic or Old West)

•Schedule our meetings earlier in the day

•Make downtown Ely friendlier after dark

•Feature OHV group

•Hire a consultant through a grant for signage, etc.

•Shame = #1 effectiveness

•Involve MS/HS students in helping and providing input

•Encourage Renaissance Village type of business opportunities

•Meet with Sheriff’s Office to discuss perceived “police state” conduct

•Getting people to know there is a downtown

•Improve customer service to improve pride and respect

•Create walking friendly areas within the community