After a traffic study on Mill and Murry streets, the city council has determined it wasn’t in the best interest to make them both one-way streets.

Scott Henriod former captain at the time was directed to conduct a traffic study on Mill and Murry Street.

A speed trailer was used to collect traffic on a number of vehicles during a two day period during Oct. 17 through Oct. 19 on Murry Street and Oct. 19 through Oct. 20 on Mill Street.

Murry Street had a total of 1,780 cars and Mill Street 1,461 car during those time periods of the study, with a variation on speed from 10 to 18 miles an hour.

During that time, deputies patrolled the area and warned several people about parking on the sidewalks. Residents were advised that a citation would be issued if the violation continued.

According to the study, tourist traffic continues to influx as traveler’s exit off of US 6 and travel on Mill and Murry Street.

Making Murry Street a one-way roadway would increase traffic numbers and would create a hazard for commercial vehicles.

Mill Street is also designated to be an alternate route through Ely if the Bypass, US 6 was closed, which would mean a larger volume of traffic would be utilizing this roadway.

Between both streets 36 intersections signage would need to be posted indicating that one way travel is enforced

In the end, the Sheriff’s Office recommended not designating Mill nor Murry as one way roads.

Councilman Sam Hanson made the motion to approve the findings of the study, and Councilwoman Jolene Gardner seconded the motion, and it was voted on unanimously.