By: Darren Wallace 

On November 17, 2017 the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office Employee Association held their 5th annual Tip-A-Cop fundraiser at Margaritas Restaurant. Prior to the event, KDSS Radio and The Ely Times provided the Employee Association with advertising in support of this fundraiser.

Courtesy photos
Tip-a-Cop was this past Saturday at Margaritas inside the Prospector Hotel. Several law enforcement personnel along with Sheriff Henriod (pictured above) took orders, and served customers who came out to support the event. The money raised goes towards food boxes which is a complete dinner for those individuals or families that are in need. The association partners with Ridley’s Market who matches the money that is raised at Tip-a-Cop. The food boxes are put together Christmas Eve morning and delivered the same day. Several of Margaritas employees (pictured) help in assisting the “temporary” waiters.

During the event, the amazing staff at Margaritas graciously allows Association members from the Sheriff’s Office to replace them and be waiters and waitresses for a night. At the event the Employee Association members receive tips from patrons. This is the core of the fundraiser. Thankfully Margaritas staff is never far and assists throughout the event.

The event this year is our most successful fundraiser to date. Thanks to community support, KDSS Radio, The Ely Times, Margaritas and their staff, over two thousand dollars was raised.

The Employee Association applies all of the money raised towards holiday meals for individuals and families in need during the holiday season. Ridley’s Family Market partners with the Employee Association each year and donates half of the food ordered. Effectively this doubles the number of baskets provided. Last year the proceeds from this fundraiser and partnership provided approximately one hundred and thirty holiday meals.

This annual event is very successful thanks to multiple community partners, Margaritas Restaurant, Margaritas Staff, Ridley’s Family Market, KDSS Radio, The Ely Times and especially, our wonderful community.

The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office Employee Association thanks all of these partners for making this a successful event each and every year.

If anyone missed Tip-A-Cop but would like to donate to this fundraiser, contact an Association Member at the Sheriff’s Office at 775-289-8808.