KayLynn Roberts-McMuray photo
Dan Schwartz, who is running for governor, made a stop in Ely earlier this week to discuss some of the issues he sees the state facing.

The Republican Party held a meet and greet with gubernatorial candidate Dan Schwartz this past Tuesday at All Aboard Inn in Ely.  Several residents showed up to hear Schwartz’s speech. The businessman who became Nevada State Treasurer two years ago decided to seek the Republican nomination for governor earlier this year.

When asked what made him decide to run for Governor? Schwartz said “The epihany, the moment came at the hearing for the state for the $2 billion stadium. And, I have no problem with building a football stadium, I have a problem with a $2 billion stadium. I think that we could easily build a fabulous stadium for $1 billion.”

The only office Schwartz has held is the current State Treasurer position he holds. Schwartz did note that he ran for Congress in 2011-2012.

But even as Treasurer, he has already made several changes to the state funding and programs.

Schwartz said, “As far as investments when I came into the state treasurer position they were generating about $6 million, this year they are generating $24 million.”

Schwartz also spoke about the restructuring college saving, and the unclaimed property department, standard of processing a claim used to take 120 days has been drastically reduced to 20 days.  “We have about $735 million in property, and we give away about 35 to 36 million a year.”

Schwartz talked about his top issues he wants to address while campaigning. He noted that it’s not only the financial aspects, “economically the casinos have this state in a stranglehold, they don’t want internet gaming, they don’t want the state lottery that could be used to fund state education, they don’t want any discussion of Yucca Mountain and they want this $2 billion stadium, that was a Sands Corporation special. It has to change, and I promise you it will change” Schwartz said.

The main issues Schwartz touched on was education, saying he led the charge on ESA’s. Education is very important to him and he wants a total look at the education system in the state.

“I have made two promises,” he said. “One, I will sign no bill until I have an ESA bill on my desk, two is that if elected on Nov. 7, Nov. 8, 10 a.m., I am going to start holding hearings on our education system.”

Schwartz spoke very passionate about the need for change on gaming and entertainment being a large contributor to the state’s economy.

Schwartz said “I want to diversify the economy into full throttle, we have favored the gambling and entertainment industry, and they have contributed to the state’s coffers but they will keep us in the 19th,or  20th century forever unless that changes.”

Schwartz spoke saying that he wanted to bring alternative energy, water, tech, noting that there is a whole panel of industries that need to be encourage.

“(Governor) Sandoval is doing some of that, but I don’t know what his agenda is,” Schwartz said.

He also spoke on the topic of health insurance premiums, mentioning what a big mess it is. “I want to separate cuts and scrapes, a cough, if you skin your elbow, when you go to see a doctor that is a less expensive premium than what we are paying now, and I want to separate catastrophic insurance”.

Schwartz ended with the topic of taxes. “I want to keep taxes down, I’m opposed to a corporate income tax, I’m opposed to a personal income tax, if i can do something about the funding for the stadium, there is $ 750 million that we are going to use to fund a Raiders stadium. I want to take that I want to repeal to the Congress, I want to fund parental choice, and I want to increase starting salaries for teachers. Our education has a lot of issues, and one is the quality of teachers, and two is parental involvement.”