By Sheriff Scott Henriod, WPCSO

On November 15, 2017 the Office of Traffic Safety held its Nevada Law Enforcement “Joining Forces” training and recognition conference in Reno, NV.

Two of White Pine County Sheriff’s Deputies were recognized at the conference and received an award for outstanding officers for the State of Nevada.

The deputies that were honored were Sgt. Todd Fincher and Deputy Steve Saunders. These deputies were recognized for their dedication and outstanding work that they have contributed during the Office of Traffic Safety events.

The deputies also received training in drowsy driving, how to recognize it, the dangers of driving drowsy and how to enforce the laws related to this violation.

Each year the Sheriff’s Office applies for grant funding through the Office of Traffic Safety. This year we were awarded $27,000 dollars which will be used for deputies to work over time to enforce traffic laws such as speeding, seat belt use, DUI enforcement and distracted driving.

The Sheriff’s Office once again would like to recognize and congratulate Sgt. Fincher and Deputy Saunders for their hard work and dedication to the citizens of White Pine County.