The youth and inexperience of the team was a very beneficial learning experience in the games last weekend for White Pine boys basketball in their play at the Serpent Classic in Hawthorne.

But coach Terrill Trask said that’s what he expected, “and it is all good because we see even better the things we need to work on.”  And the Bobcats will have two weeks upon which to improve as they are not attending the Snake Pit Classic at Beaver Dam High in Littlefield, Arizona, this weekend as the girls team is.

The first game at Hawthorne was with Virginia City and the boys won that one, 37-27. Individual stats were not available for any of the Bobcats games. “We got out of the blocks slow,” Trask said. “They always play us tough, but then we started moving the ball better and we able to get the victory.”

The second game was where the inexperience of having only two returning players, plus a few who have not played varsity ball in several years, became apparent. Against defending 1A state champion Mineral County, a veteran team playing together for quite a while, the Serpents beat the Bobcats, 66-29.  Trask said, “It just goes back to us not playing together as a unit. Our inexperience really showed that game. When they (Mineral County) put a little pressure on the ball, we turned it over at a higher rate than I would like to see.”

Another game on Friday was with league rival Yerington, which was also a loss, but the score was not available. “The Lions are a very disciplined team, kind of force you to play their game,” Trask said. “And our kids got discouraged. Hopefully it is an eye opener for us.”

On Saturday, the boys regrouped themselves and came out with confidence, shooting the ball better and the ball movement was a lot a lot better and they took a win over Smith Valley by a little under 30 points.

The final game at Hawthorne was with another league rival, defending league champion and state runner-up Pershing County which White Pine lost, 63-30.  Trask said the score speaks for itself. The Bobcats are off until Dec. 15-16 when they begin league play hosting Silver Stage and Yerington. Trask said the team will spend the time “getting back into what a varsity game looks like. I was glad to see the boys realize it is going to take more hard work, to push themselves more, and what we need to do in practice. We’ll improve on our intensity and leadership and be ready for the next outings. The potential is there, they just have to get it out of themselves.”