By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

The Sheriff’s Office recently received information about a new scam that is gaining popularity across the nation. It has even been given a name, which is the Grandparent Scam.

The caller claims to be the grandchild of the victim and states that they have been arrested and requests money to get out of jail. The victims or recipients of the call will be advised by the caller to overnight large amounts of cash to multiple residential locations or pay through an internet site, so the caller can pay his fines and get out of jail.

The suspects track the packages that arrive at the delivery locations in time to retrieve it from the front door of the selected residence or collect the funds that have been sent through the internet site.

The callers are very convincing and play on the emotions of the victims. If you receive one of these calls discontinue the conversation immediately. If you are concerned that the caller has been arrested get the telephone number which they are calling from and verify that it is actually the number of a police station or sheriff’s office where the person is supposed to be detained at.

You can also call your local law enforcement agency to verify the arrest. I personally have received this call and listened to the caller as she explained how desperately she needed the money to get out of jail. The conversation ended with me enjoying a good laugh and hanging up on the caller.

Be smart and always error on the side of caution.