By Sheriff Scott Henriod, WPCSO

Well the holiday season is upon us. This is a time for celebrating with friends and family and reconnecting with those that live far away that we don’t get to see very often. It’s also a time for office or work parties or maybe even a personal gathering or celebration. No matter how or why you are celebrating this season let’s make it a safe one. If your plan for celebrating includes a few alcoholic drinks make sure that you have selected a designated driver.

Don’t fool yourself that you are sober and able to drive. Being arrested for DUI is embarrassing, costly and not worth taking the chance. And yes you have to stay in jail until you’re sober.

Another word of caution is always monitor your drink. Never leave your drink unattended or have someone go and get you a drink. There is a scary trend across the nation which is where someone slips some type of controlled substance into your drink which could cause you to pass out or act differently leading to some serious consequences.

Enjoy this holiday season, remember to make good decisions and make it a safe one.