Vortex was awarded the contract for a new feature at the Aquatic Center. The feature will be installed into the wading pool area and will have a slide, water cascade feature, and other spray features for the children to enjoy.

Aquatics Director Megan Brown said, “We are really happy to be working with S&H architecture and Vortex to put this feature in.”

The total cost for the feature is $55,680 and has been budgeted for the Aquatic Center’s 2018 budget.

The money being used to pay for this feature came from money deposited in the Aquatic Center ending fund balance at the end of Fiscal Year 2015.

No grant money is involved in this project.

A firm start date for construction has not been set yet, but a completion date is projected to be during April, right before spring break.

It’s estimated that once construction begins the project should only take about one week to complete. This will cause some disruption during that time, with having to close the wading pool, but that time frame is very minimal.

Brown said, “Our wonderful addition is made possible by the swimmers in the community coming in and using the pools so that we have the extra revenue to invest into new and wonderful things.”