KayLynn Roberts-McMurray photo
The ice skating rink is located between Reno Road and Elysium Drive, just above the Gianoli substation.

The Ice Skating Rink on the Terrace is finished and complete, now it just needs to get cold enough to maintain ice to skate on.

The city refurbished what once used to be called “The Gully” with the help of KGHM, White Pine County Tour and Rec Board, Shane Cooper and the countless hours of the city’s parks department employees led by Mike Cracraft, Department Head for the City’s Parks and Cemetery.

The rink not only boasts a nice space to skate on but the area is equipped with picnic tables, a fire pit and barbecue grills to make an afternoon of skating a memorable event.

This project has been going on for several years, and many different attempts were made to create an ice skating rink in Ely.

In 2013, the proposal for an ice skating rink went before the city council many times but was always tabled.

Bruce Setterstrom, who was councilman at the time, was pretty passionate about having an ice skating rink. At one point he was told that the city’s insurance wouldn’t cover it but that was not the case. Although Setterstrom was determined to see this project through, a rink was constructed at Broadbent Park, but was deemed unsuccessful.

Construction began on the ice skating rink’s current location in 2015.  City crews dug out an area for the rink and filled it with water so it would eventually freeze. But, even still the City ran into issues with it, it needed a liner for the base of the rink so that the water would hold better once frozen.

This past year, Cracraft said they decided to contact KGHM for assistance along with a request to the White Pine County Tour and Rec Board for additional funding.

The Tour and Rec Board granted the city $7,500 and KGHM donated a liner for the bottom of the rink. Cooper also donated a sand like material to help fill in the base of the skating rink.

Cracraft said “I want to thank KGHM, the Tour and Rec Board, Shane Cooper, Tom Lawrence and Dave Burkey, so much effort went in to making this project successful.”

Cracraft noted that it only took about 4 days to complete the project.

The rink is located between Reno Road and Elysium Drive just above the Gianoli substation, which is a much quicker drive than taking the trip out to Cave Lake, and there is no fee to skate or barbecue at this location.

Ice skate rentals are available through Sportsworld for as little as $5 a day. Now, if the weather can just cool off a bit. Ely has seen some unseasonably warm weather making it difficult for the ice to stay frozen, but there are still quite a few winter months left for a few snowstorms, or icy cold conditions to give you an opportunity to glide across the ice.