Internet service in White Pine County has been a long time debate that has gone on for several years.

Many residents comment that internet service is extremely slow, service randomly disconnects, and the prices are vastly high when compared to other regions of the state.

Mt. Wheeler announced several months ago that they were handing off their internet service to a company called Commnet Wireless, and AT&T held meetings in 2016 to address internet issues.

Even Senator Dean Heller tried to help in February of 2016, when he spoke at the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communication, Technology, Innovation, where Heller spoke on broadband and wireless service issues in rural Nevada, referencing specifically the City of Ely.

The Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Nevada Governors for Economic Development department to gather input from White Pine County residents regarding internet service.

Two separate surveys have been created. One for home internet service and one for business.

The purpose of the survey is to gather citizen opinions on the importance of Internet service and to help White Pine County prioritize their efforts to attract faster and more reliable internet service to all areas of the county.

Some residents noted they are paying  $200 a month for internet service alone. One question on the survey asks what method would a customer support paying for the county’s efforts to attract faster internet service?

The choices were property tax through creation of an improvement district, user fees, or a sales tax increase. There are several ways to complete the survey. You can go online to or the White Pine County School District’s website at

You can also pick up a survey at the following locations: White Pine Chamber of Commerce, Ridley’s, Bath Lumber, Shopko, any of the White Pine County Schools, Ely City Hall and the White Pine County Courthouse, Treasurer’s Office.

For questions contact Wayne Cameron at 775-289-8877.