Did you know that one of our local citizens was the person behind discovering, protecting, and exhuming the most pristine and complete Cave Bear skeletons ever found in the United States?

His name is Sam Baker, and he gave a presentation on Friday, January 5, 2018 at the White Pine Museum Conference Room.

While exploring a cave in White Pine County, Sam and members of his caving club ventured in to a dark cave which revealed flowing water and a pond underground.

As he delved deeper into the cave with care and precision, Sam realized that he had come upon an amazing discovery of prehistoric animal remains at the pond’s edge which turned out to be excellent samples of Arctodus simus, or the Short Faced Cave Bear.

Working in collaboration with noted paleontologists, archaeologists and government agencies, the bones were subsequently labeled, wrapped carefully and taken out of the cave in 1982 to be later assembled and studied by scientists from around the world.

The original bones reside in a climate controlled chamber in California for preservation, but a replica of Mr. Baker’s discovery is at the White Pine Public Museum, on loan from the USDA Forest Service.

Pleases stop by the museum with friends and family members to view the Cave Bear skeleton and to see informative videos about the bear’s habitat and survival skills.

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