By Sheriff Scott Henriod, WPCSO 

Well here we are once again, the start of a new year. I hope that 2018 will be an enjoyable year for everyone.

For this Sheriff’s Corner I would like to share some statics on what the Sheriff’s Office was up to in 2017.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to 17.845 calls for service. The deputies performed 2,644 traffic stops on vehicles, and wrote 946 citations. Some of the calls for service that were performed are as follows.

Deputies responded to 48 fights, 229 domestic disturbances, 78 non injury accidents, 31 injury accidents, 72 private property accidents, 35 hit and run vehicle accidents, 182 alarm calls, investigated 15 coroner calls, investigated 25 unattended deaths, 60 burglaries, 32 assaults, 90 disturbances, 39 drug related incidents, 48 possible drunk drivers, 12 attempted suicides, 33 stolen vehicles, 13 missing persons, 298 problems with a subject, 19 sexual assaults, 184 thefts, and 168 agency assist calls. The Sheriff’s Office made 382 arrests and the jail performed 689 bookings.

These are just a few of the calls that the Sheriff’s Office received and investigated. The deputies that serve White Pine County are busy, but are dedicated in providing the best law enforcement available to our citizens.