Courtesy photo/KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The White Pine Jr and High School Rodeo Club take great pride in their club and how they represent White Pine County. The bobcat rolling down the highway to the next rodeo should create some curiosity and fear in any competitors following close behind.

In July of last year the trailer was obtained. It needed some repairs, and work done to it to become fully functioning. The Club went before the Tour and Rec Board and they received a grant for the equipment trailer in the amount of $3,000 dollars.  C&B Auto provided the paint and materials at a reduced cost, and the Honor Camp Inmates that work with the Nevada Division of Forestry painted, and completely restored the trailer to what it is today, including the artwork of the Bobcat and the American Flag located on the front of the trailer.  Even the barrels for the arena were repainted,

The White Pine High Jr and High School Rodeo Club finally can rest at ease that most if not all of their materials are secured, and safe in this newly refurbished trailer. President of the Club, Jimmy Jordan said “we can’t speak enough how grateful we are for the people who helped our club see this become reality”,  Jordan said that the youth who participate in this club work very hard throughout the year not only in the arena but in the community to help others whether it’s serving at a dinner function, cleaning up grandstands, or helping a person move.