KayLynn Roberts-McMurray photo
Sen. Dean Heller addresses the crowd at the Lincoln Day breakfast in Ely on Saturday.

Mike Kneese with the White Pine GOP said, “this is one event where you are reaching out to White Pine.”

With about 200 guests, the Lincoln Day breakfast in Ely brought out many local residents and lots of candidates running for different United States and State elected seats. Many made the trip in from Eureka, where the official kickoff for the Lincoln Day Breakfast took place the previous night.

Elko GOP Chairman Lee Hoffman was a guest speaker at the breakfast, Hoffman said, “I’m not going to talk much about Washington, I’m going to talk about Nevada.”

Hoffman went on to stress how important it was to have Republicans in Nevada get out into the community, and across the state to get more registered voters, in addition to encouraging voters to get out  for an increased voter turnout.

White Pine is 45 percent Republican.

This particular event provides a more candid opportunity for candidates to interact with residents and gives them the opportunity to meet and discuss issues they feel that are important.

Sen. Dean Heller was the first official and candidate to speak. “You and me together, we are the firewall for a Republican Senate, and the key is to keep the United States Senate” Heller said.

The stock market was up over 5,000 points, Economic growth up 35 percent and he contributed much of it to the seats that many Republicans are holding Heller commented.

And, quoting from Ronald Reagan, Heller said, “Today is a new day in America.”

Danny Tarkananian spoke after Heller, touching mainly on insurance premiums, and immigration issues. “I don’t believe any taxpayers money should be approved to pay for abortions.” Tarkanian said.

All very touchy topics, but Tarkanian seemed to not have any problem bringing up these issues, and noting that these were particular topics he continues to talk about during his campaign trail.

Many candidates spoke of their support for Trump. Adam Laxalt, current attorney general who is a candidate for governor, spoke not only about what was currently happening with the attorney general’s office but his mission and goals for governor.

Laxalt said, “We launched our tour in November. We are honored to have the support of your current sheriff, in addition to the support from the district attorney and many others here locally.”

Laxalt noted how he thinks rural Nevada could become better. “I think we have a very small window with an election of conservative for governor, and this administration, we have a few years to get in there with our few priorities on how Nevada can grow.”

Two other candidates for governor, Dan Schwartz and Jarrod Fisher, spoke about their goals.

Schwartz said “I am the only person, the only candidate who understands economics, and has a plan who can diversify the economy and take this state in the next century.”

Candidate for lieutenant governor, Michael Roberson gave a background on himself as well while he had his 10 minutes of time. He noted quite a bit of information about gun rights. He also spoke about what has been going on in the state of Nevada since the Legislative session in 2017.

Local candidates who will be running for local seats Scott Henriod (sheriff) and James Bishop (justice court judge) were also in attendance.

Breakfast was provided by Margarita’s and the clean up was made by the White Pine Junior and High School Rodeo.