KayLynn Roberts-McMurray photo
Two dilapidated homes on Clark Street are being demolished to make way for additional parking for Racks Bar & Grill.

Courtesy photo/Pat Stork
Aerial shot via drone of houses being torn down behind Rack’s Bar & Grill.

Set in Ely, Racks Bar & Grill is a local hot spot that provides Monday Night Football specials, Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, UFC fight viewing parties, and a unique menu with items such as blackened yellow fin tuna fish tacos, Alaskan Cod, Gyros Salads and a Sunday morning breakfast.

At different times parking has been questionable with people filling up Autlman Street, and a parking lot located near 7th Street. The Stork brothers decided to do something about that.

Steve and Pat Stork, owners of Racks, have begun their second project in helping to clean up Ely’s Cultural District.

The Storks acquired two dilapidated homes on Clark Street, directly behind their business on Aultman.

The pair said they were tired of seeing the two homes go through the continuous cycle of a tax title sale with the White Pine County Treasurer’s office.

Steve Stork said he attended the last tax title auction that the homes were offered for public sale. He was unsuccessful in purchasing the homes, however one year later, he discovered that the successful bidder was offering the homes for sale because that person quickly discovered that the homes were well beyond being able to be brought up to safe living conditions at an affordable cost.

Steve Stork said he and his brother Pat decided after much discussion to purchase the property and demolish the homes to make a parking lot.

“After discussing with Pat we decided to make the purchase and demolish the homes,” Steve Stork said. “The structures were attracting late night vagrants, and were being littered with trash and debris that those persons left behind.”

“When NDOT starts the Aultman street project, we will not have any parking on Aultman Street for the better part of two summers, and we also get pinched for parking when jury selection is taking place at the present courthouse.

And with the upcoming Aultman Street project that NDOT is undertaking, this was a perfect time to jump start the project. Demolition should be completed by the end of the week, and paving of the parking lot will take place later this summer.

The Storks have owned Racks since 2011. The brothers completed a new storefront and signage project three summers ago.

Along with Steve Stork being a White Pine County Commissioner, he said he and and his brother felt it is important to present a clean and inviting image for their customers.

They also said that they are looking forward to the downtown redevelopment project being spearheaded by NDOT’s Aultman Street rehab project.