Danny battled  a very aggressive form of lung cancer from asbestos, mesotheloma., passing away just a few short weeks after falling ill. He passed quietly and peacefully with his family in Seattle, Washington.

He will be greatly  missed by his loving family, brother, Michael Decker, sisters, Debbie Hafner, Laurie Thies, Susan Colville, and especially his cats Missey and Fluffy-butt.

Danny was hired at Robinson Mine back in October 2008. He also determed driving the Komatsu was a real kick.

Danny decided to take up residency in Ely, to live a quiet life.

Danny enjoyed working at the mine and enjoyed the people he worked with.

Danny would like to thank all the wonderful folks out at the  mine for the outstanding words of encouragement and friendship. It really meant a lot to know so many people cared and were sending positive thoughts his way. He wanted all to know he was saddened that he could not personally say thank you and good-bye. In his final days Danny declared, “I am an inhabitant of this earth and I have enjoyed the hell out of her.”