KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
A large crowd attended the Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner hosted by the Elks Club.

Courtesy photo/Ken Curto
Pictured from left to right:  Nichole Baldwin, Visilio Casarez, Exalted Ruler Alan Lafferty, Anthony Sifre, Kelly Barney, Todd Fincher and Travis Bradshaw.

Last Friday, the Elks Lodge held a very special event to honor local law enforcement with a Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner.

Even the huge snow storm didn’t deter the 60 guests who showed up to show their appreciation for the men and women in law enforcement. Many guests were law enforcement officers, and many were the husbands, wives, and children of the officers being honored.

Several awards were given out by each agencies supervisor or department head.

Nichole Baldwin who coordinated the entire event said, “As Elks, we honor and thank each one of you, law enforcement of the city, county and state, you have honored us by enforcing the law, you present liberty for all of us.”

Baldwin noted that as citizens we must keep reminding ourselves that law enforcement officers work performed can be no more effective than the cooperation that we as citizens provide.

The event was held to reassure the support as a fraternal organization and the support of the entire community  Then Baldwin presented a speech of her own saying “We honor all men and women who are sworn to protect our constitutions, our communities, and our people from all enemies.

“Thank you for putting our communities ahead of your own families. Giving up holidays, birthdays, school events, and family gathering to serve and protect us. When duty calls you drop everything to respond, and everytime you put on that uniform you are putting your own safety ahead of mine.”

Several schools in the White Pine County School district created a variety of artistic items to show their appreciation for law enforcement. Centerpieces with cards, and different art pieces that contained thank you’s to local law enforcement were created by the students at David E. Norman, the White Pine High and Middle School, and the Boys and Girls Club.

Chief District Attorney James Beecher was the master of ceremonies for the evening, the meat was cooked and prepared by Commissions Shane Bybee and Steve Antoniu, and salads, dessert and sides were prepared and provided by the Elks Lodge.

The first to present an award was White Pine County Sheriff Scott Henriod. Henriod expressed appreciation to everyone who helped contribute to the event. Henriod mentioned how law enforcement has come into a different era, things are tougher, criminals are getting worse, and so to have a law enforcement dinner, and the support, meant so much.

Henriod nominated Todd Fincher for outstanding service and performance for this years’ award. Fincher started with the sheriff’s office in 2002. Henriod said I knew that Sargent Fincher would excel as an officer due to his work ethic and he continually goes above and beyond what is expected.”

Fincher was promoted in 2008 when he took upon himself the role as a supervisor. Currently working on his advanced POST certificate.

Chief Dan Watts, with the Shoshone Tribal police department honored officer Disilio Casarez.  Watts said Casarez has a tremendous care for this community, he works hard, and he deserves this award.

Next was Ely State Prison Warden Filson presenting Travis Bradshaw who he nominated for Law Enforcement officer of the year for the Ely State Prison. Bradshaw was also awarded with Employee of the Year at the Ely State Prison. Filson said “our families in law enforcement are the ones who keep us going on the road and keep us going in general”.

Sargent Chris Brewer with NDI presented Detective Anthony Sefree with the officer of the year award.  In the first six months in the narcotics unit, he made 50 arrests, either as the arresting officer, or as an assisting officer.  Brewer said “It’s hard to keep him in the office, he has a huge passion for making White Pine County great. He has the same drive for the community, as well as the people he comes in contact with.”  He was also recognized as task force officer of the year for the entire state by the State of Nevada.

Sargent Scott Simon was unable to present the award Nevada Highway Patrol due to being called out to an accident on Murry Summit. District Attorney Michael Wheable presented the award to NHP Trooper Kelly Barney. This award was is presented to Kelly Barney who has done some great seizures this year, and some awesome arrests, Barney has a great passion for his job” Wheable said.

The event was concluded with several video skits put together by middle school and high school students.