Courtesy photo
Emily Laity Munk and Principal Murdock.

The WPHS nominee for Teacher of the Month was relatively new to the profession, but you would never know it.  Like everything she does, her heart, soul, and energy are thrown into the role as Special Education teacher.

Emily Laity Munk, a graduate of WPHS and former student of mine, was recruited to take her position after graduating with her Master’s Degree in Family and Human Development from Arizona State. She was immediately hit with a request. “Would you be willing to take the math position for one semester to help us out?”  With her trademark shrug, she went to work collaborating with Mrs Cracraft to design and teach her classes.  And again, like everything she does, she was super organized and got the job done.  Reluctantly, because we made her a promise but we were still short a math teacher, she made the move to her current position in Special Education.

In her new position, she has become a fierce advocate for students on her caseload. She had enough experience as a classroom teacher to know what was expected of them and enough moxie to speak up when things needed to be done differently for her kids.  She’s pulled together materials and resources, organized and updated records, and helped develop a program and department we could be proud of.

As if this isn’t enough, Emily has taken on additional duties at WPHS.  She is the Girls Golf coach, the Spirit Coordinator, she’s on the Leadership Team, and is in the NISL program.  And, she is also the Sophomore class advisor, so fundraising is her middle name.

Principal Murdock said “Emily is amazing, and has a long impactful career ahead of her.  Help me say congratulations to Mrs. Emily Munk, our “Lion’s Club Teacher of the Month.”