Elks were founded on February 16, 1868

Local Elks Lodge throughout the United States and in Guam, Puerto Rico and the Panama Canal will be celebrating 150 years of community service on February 16, 2018.

Last year alone, the Elks donated approximately $285 million in cash, gifts and time  to make our communities better places to live. The Elks are one of the premier patriotic and charitable organizations in the United States of America.     Elks volunteers will visit thousands of hospitalized veterans who have protected our freedoms. The Elks vow, “SO LONG AS THERE ARE VETERANS, THE BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS WILL NEVER FORGET THEM.”

The Elks support both active military forces and retired veterans. Elks furnish food, comfort care items,therapeutic items and gifts, host holiday celebrations and recreational activities at bases and hospitals, and stand ready to fulfill any need when called upon.

Last year alone, the value of Elks’ contributions to the nation’s heroes provided more than $32 million to more than 300 Veterans Administration Medical Centers, clinics, and state care facilities.  The Elks have entered into a partnership with VHA to support efforts to rescue homeless Veterans in their communities.

To this end, the Elks have pledged $4 million dollars to help end Veteran Homelessness.

Annually, the Elks award college scholarships across the nation totaling more that $4 million.  The Elks’ Community Investments Program (CIP) will award nearly $10 million towards enriching our communities.

There are more than 1,900 Elks Lodges across the country with a total membership nearing 800,000.  Elks’ members must be American citizens who are at least 21 years of age and must believe in God.

Ely Elks Lodge #1469 was chartered in July 1923 and has served White Pine County for over 95 years.  The Lodge has given over $15,000 to different causes and charities over the years.  These include the CACH program, Inner City Slickers, White Pine Little League  and annual scholarships to White Pine High School Seniors.

The Lodge has also sponsored Boy Scout Troops and gives Eagle Scout awards at Eagle Court of Honor and helps veterans at White Pine Care Center.

Ely Lodge has also given dictionaries to third graders at seven schools in White Pine, Lincoln and Nye Counties.

The Hoop Shoot program is over 30 years old and has included youth from area schools who compete  in local, district and state competitions.

The Student of the Month and Junior Student of the Month programs have recognized area students for over 30 years.

Ely Lodge #1469 will celebrate the 150th birthday of the Order on Saturday, February 17th at the Elks Lodge.

A new member will be initiated at 10:00 am and an open house with the public invited will begin at 12:00 noon with refreshments provided.

A Citizen of the Year will also be honored and Elks officers and members will be present to answer questions about the Order of Elks and Ely Elks Lodge.

To learn more visit www.elks.org.