By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO  

Have you ever noticed how busy we are as a society?

Man we can sure cram a lot of things into a day. I strongly believe that with the modern day advancements especially in electronics it sure makes things easier, but sometimes more dangerous.

Take a look at cell phone use. Sure is nice to have them, they do just about everything, we can call people, take pictures, connect to the internet and a bunch of other fun things. But on the other hand they sure can be a distraction. Driving and using a cell phone is a dangerous thing, distracted driving kills 3,000 people a year. Using your cell phone while driving is against the law, but it’s reported that 70 % of all cell phone users use it while driving.

Nevada Revised Statues 484B.165 is the law that regulates cell phone use while operating a vehicle. The law basically states that you cannot use your cell phone including texting while operating a motor vehicle. There are exceptions to the law for example if you’re reporting a medical emergency, a crime in progress, or a safety hazard. The law then allows you to use your cellular device while driving. But for everyday use, making those casual calls it’s against the law and you can be issued a citation for the violation, which also includes a fine. I think that the citation and fine are secondary. The real risk is the distraction of using the phone while driving. I encourage parents to speak to their children who are driving age about the dangers of cell phone use while driving. If you’re the parent or adult who follows under that distracted driving cell phone use, commit to yourself that you’ll break the habit.

The National Safety Council has a great web site that gives information on deaths and accidents that have been caused by distracted driving. I’ve included the web address which you can view at your convenience.