McGill Scouts/Wendover/WWII

By Keith Gibson

Troop 64 of the Boy Scouts of America held their meetings in the American Legion Hall in McGill for many years.  I don’t know when they started, but I went to meetings there in 1947-1952.  There were many plaques hanging on the walls that were won by the McGill Junior League baseball teams that were sponsored by the American Legion. I remember them and tried to find them 3 years ago, but managed to find just one.  It is hanging in the McGill Drug store.  Last week I talked with a former  McGill man who was a scout in Trop 64 during  WWII.  He grew up in McGill.  His name is Chuck Overfelt and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Overfelt.

Mrs. Overfelt was one of my grade school teachers and William (Bill) I think worked in the KCC offices.  Chuck’s sister Marylyn was a lifeguard at the McGill swimming pool for several years.  I’m sure that most red blooded McGill boys will attest to that.

He remembered the plaques and also a flag he called the target flag, that I vaguely  recall ever seeing. He explained that during the war the military would bring some troops to White Pine for some R & R.  They would stay at people’s homes in the area.

I remember several times my Dad and others would drive to Wendover and bring back soldiers for the weekend.  The local lodges also did the same thing.  Chuck told me that several of the Air Force men visited Troop 64 and were impressed by the scouts and so they arranged to have the scouts visit the air base at Wendover.

Chuck recalled going on the trip.  He described being able to go inside the B-24 bombers and sit in the seats of the flyers.  He said some of the gun turrets were hard to squeeze into.  After a tour of the planes and the base they were taken to a firing range above Wendover.

There was a small railroad type track that the targets were towed across to simulate enemy aircraft.  The scouts were given the opportunity to operate the 50 cal. machine guns that the bomber gunners used in combat.  It must have been quite a thrill for young boys of scouting age to fire such awesome weapons.  There was a flag that flew over the target range.  The Air Force gunners donated that flag to the scouts for treating them so nice on their trips to McGill.  The flag was hung on the wall in the Legion Hall.    Does anyone know what happened to the flag or the baseball plaques? Please contact me if you do at P.O. Box 1315, McGill, Nv.  89318.

I don’t recall any of the soldiers that stayed at our house, but always wondered if they made it thru the war OK.  Several of the soldiers that visited McGill ended up marrying some of the local gals and actually living here in the area and working for KCC. after the war.  Know of any?

Let me know.