To the Editor.

Now is the time for all of the citizens of Ely to pull together and demand that the City Council removes Charles Odgers as the Attorney for the City of Ely.

As everyone knows he has been in the spotlight of concerned citizens for some of the following reasons. He isn’t putting the welfare of the City of Ely above his personal gains. There are a lot of questions about the way Charles Odgers wrote his own contract, that we as citizens have the right to know how it affects us.

One major concern I have is the million dollar life insurance policy that was approved at the November 23, 2015 City Council Meeting for an annual premium of $3,585.00 (then, what is the premium now). It doesn’t mention anywhere in the minutes on how much the value of the policy is worth. Did the City Council at that time (Setterstrom, Gardner,  Hansen, Robison and  Carson) even know how much life insurance they were approving. What kind of danger is Charles in that the City needs to pay for this type of insurance coverage for him.

It would seem to me that if anyone in the City of Ely is entitled to have this type of insurance coverage it would be the Fire Department. I think all of the city employees needs to go to their respective union and demand that they be entitled to have the same type of a million dollar life insurance policy as Charles has or they need to file a discrimination charge against the City.

Another thing I have a great concern on is a rumor that I am trying to get all the facts on is the way the contract is written for the metal pile at the landfill. The original  contract between Outwest  and the City of Ely dated 4/10/2014 should have been rebid as the bid proposals received by Outwest and Pacific Steel weren’t bid apples to apples. Then on 12/22/2016 Paul Hollaway wanted to redo the metal contract and change the terms of it. Charles Odgers rewrote the contract to where the City’s hands are tied in not being able to sell the metal pile when they want.

The rumor I am checking into is that Charles Odgers is hiring Paul Hollaway of Outwest to haul his hay from his farm along with doing other miscellaneous work for him. Did Charles give Outwest a good contract that favors Outwest for possible favors in the price he charges Charles for the work he does for him. I think the Attorney Generals office, the state bar for attorneys and the Ethics Commission needs to be contacted to see if any wrong doings have been done or NRS:’s have been violated.

The rumor is going around that if the council votes to cut the attorney’s position even to part time the Mayor is going to veto it. If she does we need to get rid of her.

Rick Stork

To The Editor:

Mayor Melody Van Camp, admits she appointed the City Administrator; an individual, she knew has no financial background.

Nearly six months ago, she approved a document requesting all City employees to sign, stating that if they said anything negative to the public or fellow employees about the City and any decisions made by the Council, they would be disciplined, up to and including termination.  (I don’t believe any employees signed it.)  She was aware of the incident of an individual being arrested for removing a small amount of “scrap” from the landfill but she will not investigate the accusations of City Attorney Odgers making off with scrap pipe from the Murry Street project.

She is feared by the City employees, threatening and cursing at them if they don’t see or do things her way.  Mayor Van Camp is a BULLY.

She has proven, she is NOT A LEADER!

Mayor Van Camp is aware of the law enforcement agreement, prior Council Members Dale Derbidge, Marty Westlund, Bruce Setterstrom and current Council Member Sam Hanson negotiated for police protection with White Pine County, in the neighborhood of $450,000.00 per year, plus 25% of all the revenue collected in the City General Fund goes to the County over an eight year period and the percentage goes up to 29% over eight years.  Get this; there is no “Out Clause” in this agreement.  The City Administrator reported in a recent meeting that Derbidge, Westlund and Setterstrom instructed City Attorney Odgers to remove the “Out Clause”.  Appears no one can find documentation or a recording of these instructions to the Attorney.  What has the Mayor done about it, NOTHING!  This agreement alone is helping to wipe out the City of Ely General Fund.

How is the Mayor going to save the day?  Story is, try and contract with the Ely Shoshone Tribe for law enforcement of City Ordinances and let the County enforce all NRS violations. Better hurry, time is running out.  The big money she figures is going to come from the sale of marijuana at the Ely Shoshone facility.  She believes the City’s proceeds will range from $300,000.00 to $700,000.00 per year.  Sounds to me like a pipe dream!

Living in the City of Ely or White Pine County won’t make a difference to me, but to watch the direction the Mayor has the City of Ely heading, makes me ill.  I truly hope I am wrong about the outcome for the City of Ely, so I encourage you to attend City Council meetings, talk with the Council members and voice your opinion.

 Jim Alworth