During Mt. Wheeler Power’s December board meeting Randy Ewell confirmed to the board of his intentions to retire in April 2018.

Randy began his career with Mt. Wheeler Power 37 years ago when he moved his family from Idaho to take a job as the Engineering Supervisor in 1981 then promoted to Engineering Manager just a few years later.

Then in 2000 the board of director’s lead by board president Rod McKenzie appointed Randy as the General Manager. Randy has served in this position for the past 18 years. The longest seated general manager in Mt. Wheeler Power history. During his time with Mt. Wheeler Power, in addition to his regular duties, Randy also played an active role serving on the Deseret Rate Committee and as a trustee on the Deseret Power Board, Chairman of the NRECA Insurance and Employee benefit committee as well as the Intermountain Power Project coordinating committee all with the intentions of providing the members of Mt. Wheeler Power the most reliable, affordable power options.

Randy is looking forward to spending more time with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Mt. Wheeler Power Board of Directors has appointed Kevin Robison as the new General Manager. Robison has promoted Shellie Watts as the Member Services Manager and Trish Stanton, as the Accounting/Finance/Purchasing Manager, both join Jesse Murdock, Engineering and Bill Ricci, Operations as part of the Mt. Wheeler Power Management Staff.