To the Editor:

The Mayor and certain Council Members just don’t get it.

The City of Ely is in financial distress!  Their auditors told them, their City Treasurer has told them.

What do they do?

They put an item on the agenda for the Feb. 22, 2018, meeting to eliminate the City Treasurer’s position.

They finally get an individual who knows accounting, has held the position in the past, has forgot more about accounting than any current City Official.

Treasurer Trask has a responsibility to watch over the finances of the City, something that hasn’t been done for the past five years.

She reports the numbers and what does the Mayor, City Attorney and City Administrator do, they are trying to get rid of her!

Why didn’t they fire the auditors for reporting the same thing, you know why, because they never listened to them?

The Mayor and the City Administrator accused the City Treasurer for leaking out information on the million dollar life insurance policy the City Attorney has the City pay for.

Truth is, the information came from a former council member. Somebody out there doesn’t like Odgers!!

The Attorney, once again, used his position and influence to benefit himself.  Councilmen Carson and DeFelice turned in agenda items to reduce the City Attorney and City Administrators wages by 25% as a cost saving measure.  Boy howdy, the Mayor and Councilwoman Gardner threw a fit, cussing and yelling to high heavens, overheard by City employees that they need to get a hold of Councilman Ernie Flanges fast.

That evening, after business hours the Mayor, City Attorney, City Administrator, council member Gardner sat down, at City Hall, to put a plan together to circumvent Carson and DeFelice’s agenda items.

Who else shows up for this party, City Municipal Judge Mike Coster!

After their plan is put together they need someone to sign certain notices to those employees effected; that is when Sam Hanson gets his invite to join them.  Why would the Judge be invited to this party, is it because Councilman DeFelice believes Muni Court could be handled by Justice Court, saving the City General Fund a substantial amount of money!

The Judge should have never entered the building, if so, he should disclose.

It is my opinion the results of this meeting is nothing short of retaliation.  The City Attorney and Administrator are blinded by their own greed of losing 25% of their wages that they don’t care who they take down with them.

And the Mayor, Council Members Hanson and Gardner are in this with them. What cost saving ideas have they came up with?  Talk around town is what about a Recall, forget that, maybe a Grand Jury investigation is needed.

Remember how much fun those are Jolene?

Jim Alworth

To the Editor:  


Just take a look at this weeks City Council Meeting Agenda (2/22/18) and tell me the Mayor, City Councilman Hanson, City Councilwoman Gardner, Judge Coster and City Attorney Odgers aren’t up to their game playing. If you look at agenda item B. NEW BUSINESS #14 & #15 where Councilman Carson & Councilman DeFelice proposed to cut Odgers & Switzer wages 25% you will see that they wrote their prospective letters on Tuesday February 13, 2018 and they were hand delivered to Robert at 3:45pm and Charles at 3:50 pm on February 13,  2018.

Now look at agenda item B. NEW BUSINESS items #8, 9, 10 & 11 that was introduced by Councilman Hanson you will see that his letter to Robert Switzer, Janette Trask and Ross Rivera were delivered to each of them at 9:45am on the 14th. Unless Councilwoman Gardner called all three of them into an office together how else could she have delivered all of them at the same time? She shows delivering Odgers at 11:50am on the 14th.

The reason I brought this up is that at least Councilman Carson & DeFelice wrote their letters and delivered them during work hours on the same day, the same can’t be said about Councilman Hanson’s letters. Right after Councilman Carson & DeFelice turned in their letters, the Mayor, Councilwoman Gardner, Switzer and Odgers could be heard in a heated conversation from Switzer’s office about the letters saying to the effect that they needed to put a stop to this division of the Council and needed to make sure Councilman Flangas was on their side.

That same night after City Hall was closed the Mayor, Councilwoman Gardner, Councilman Hanson, Judge Coster and City Attorney Odgers were seen having a meeting. Even though there is an ordinance about not doing city business after hours. If these letters that Councilman Hanson wrote were written during business hours on the 13th why weren’t they delivered that same day?

Could it be because these letters weren’t composed until after hours when the notary wasn’t available?

I guarantee there will be recall papers filed with the Secretary of State the next day if the Mayor vetos any of these items and any Council Members vote with her.

All of these items including B. New Business item #12 where Councilman Hanson is proposing to cut Treasurer Trask position needs to be turned over to the City’s Pool Pac Attorney to see if there is any Legal or Ethical misconduct done by the Mayor, these two Council Members, the Attorney & Switzer, for their actions in putting together these agenda items. Utility Board Member Paul Holdaway and Charles Odgers for their action in writing the scrap metal contract in Paul’s favor without disclosing that Paul does private work for City Attorney Odgers. This is such a legal mess that I don’t feel City Attorney Odgers should be involved with it.

We need as many citizens as possible to attend this meeting and voice your concerns.

Rick Stork