New network service called Choice Splash is in the works, and its progress is moving along swiftly. The construction phase of infrastructure is getting ready to kick off.

Construction of the new towers, poles and assets is set to begin as early as this week. Work is being done in both Ely and McGill.

This is the first part of the construction phase to ensure they are delivering a reliable internet service to the community.  It is estimated that this process will be in three phases, potentially four. Subsequent installation of the network equipment on the towers is also going to begin.

It was also announced that Destin Brandis, owner of BITS IT Solutions, has agreed to be the local Choice agent for White Pine County.

Brandis and his team will be an integral part of the success in the area providing local expertise to facilitate the activiation of new services, transition of existing services such as Mt. Wheeler, and expansion of future services and service areas.

Brett Bergendahl, general manager of Sales and Sales operations for Choice Splash services said, “Destin will be at the forefront of information related to our progress and heavily involved in the planning of the staged roll out of Choice Splash Services.”

Specific dates around service availability will be announced when they are finalized. The main thing to keep in mind is that there are several moving parts related to Choice Splash services coming to town.

Jojo Myers Campos with the Governors Office Science, Innovation and Technology has worked hard to get better broadband to White Pine County as early as 2017.

Myers traveled to Ely often hosting community meetings, attending County Commission and Council meetings to get the public and businesses aware and proactive in the push for better broadband here in White Pine.

And in less than a year, towers are being constructed and the collaborating efforts with Choice, Commnet and Mt. Wheeler working together has been a cohesive transition in this effort.

Myers reported that if all goes well CommNet, which is a company working alongside Choice Splash, will begin installations in Ely after testing and they expect to install about 100 customers in March, noting that they will ramp up monthly from there.

Services in Ruth, McGill and Blue Diamond (south of Ely) will follow this same process, with McGill as the first of these follow-up sites.