On Tuesday, Feb. 20, staff at the White Pine County High School became aware of some disturbing comments allegedly made by a student.

Following policy, staff initiated an investigation and detained the juvenile until law enforcement arrived. At 8:24 a.m., the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched, and a Deputy Sheriff arrived at the high school.

After an interview with the juvenile was conducted, it was determined that a threat had been made. The juvenile was detained and transported to the Elko County Detention Facility.

White Pine School District’s Superintendent Adam Young reported that school staff worked cooperatively with the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office to intervene prior to any actual threat materializing.  “At no time was any student or staff member in danger, nor was there a weapon on campus.” Young said.

Deputies continued with their investigation interviewing several other juveniles and it was determined that no others were involved.

Sheriff Scott Henriod said, “The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office works closely with school officials and appreciated their quick response to this situation. The  Sheriff’s office has taken a proactive position on school safety and works directly with school officials attending their safety committee meetings.”

Ensuring the safety of the students and staff, several walk through’s by the sheriff’s office are completed daily.  “We want the students to know that we are there and that they should feel safe while attending school.” Henriod said.

The White Pine Count Sheriff’s office  is continually working on this investigation. The school district would like to remind students and parents that weapons of any kind are prohibited at school and are considered illegal. Parents are always welcome on campus and are invited to check in at the office if they wish to observe learning or security measures.

Henriod said, “We encourage all parents and guardians to engage in conversation with their children to let them know that it is okay to provide information to teachers, school officials, or law enforcement about other students who might be talking about harming others. It is working together as a community that we can prevent these kind of incidents from happening.”