Time Seems To Fly By Faster Now

By Keith Gibson

Time does seem to go faster as one gets older.  Yesterday, many of us lost a close friend, David Robb.  It made me realize just how very long ago, it was, that I went to his birthday party in January of 1939, when he turned 4 years old.  My present was a toy car of some sort.  That next December, he brought me a toy truck for my fourth birthday.  It had a blue cab and a yellow dump bed.  I called it my “Bunkie truck”  and kept it for many years.

Dave, like most kids in McGill had a nickname.  His was “Bunkie”.  I don’t know why, except that the houses in townsite in McGill were one bedroom and us kids slept in bunk beds on the front covered porch.

Dave attended grade school in McGill, graduating in 1950 and then on to WPHS to graduate in 1954.  He played many sports and was on the McGill Junior League state championship baseball team.  He also was on the WPHS football and basketball teams.  He was an active member in the band, where he played trumpet.  He attended U. of Nevada, Reno and Utah State at Logan.

He had a great sense of humor,  that he  got from his dad, Mike. One time when we were home from college, Dave and I were going to Ely to have some fun.  Mike told Dave that when Abe Lincoln was his age, he spent his evenings reading books by the light from the fireplace.  Dave, not to be outdone, retorted that, when Abe  was your age, he was President of the U.S. Mike just shook his head and went in the other room.

Dave worked for Boeing in Seattle and later spent some time in Saudi Arabia, working for ARAMCO.  Then back to Boeing, where he retired.  Dave was able to do a lot of traveling while in the Middle East. He was able to visit many countries around the world.

One time while visiting a small village in Greece he went in a small bar.  There was a man sitting at the bar.  A conversation started.  Dave soon realized that the guy was Telly Savalas, the movie great.

Another time in San Francisco Dave was in Chinatown and went into popular spot for come Chinese food.  He noticed Kirk Douglas at a nearby table.  Dave asked the waiter to take a note to the actor. The waiter cautioned Dave that Kirk did not sign autographs, but Dave insisted.  Kirk read the note and then started laughing and wrote on the note and sent it back to Dave.  He also sent a bottle of fine wine.  Dave had written a note that read, “Dear Kirk, I thought you might like my autograph, David Robb”.David had a wonderful sense of humor was a great friend to many of us. So from all of us, sleep well, Bunkie.