Courtesy photos
Back row: Vickie Stokes (Volunteer), Officer Jeremiah Peterson, Eva Trimble, Bonnie Gurr, Gae Christensen, Zella Collard (Volunteer), substitute teacher, Haley McKay. Middle row: Breana Noriega, Andy Hutchinson-Reese, Drake Thomas, Bruce Griffen, Jacob Reynoso, Cameron Chilson, Hayze Melendez, Kaydance Perkins, Trinity Maurer, Caydence Zehr, Keighley Barnes. Sitting: Christina Griffen, Baylin Jones, Alexander Stolz, Stella Stolz, Kierstyn Perkins.

Left to right: Bruce Griffen, Alexander Stolz, Baylin Jones, Hayze Melendez, Breana Noriega, Kierstyn Perkins.

Left to right: Andy Hutchinson-Reese, Trinity Maurer, Christina Griffen, Keighley Barnes, Stella Stolz.

Left to right: Cameron Chilson, Drake Thomas, Kaydance Perkins, Jacob Reynoso, Caydence Zehr.

The Kinnear Library welcomes the McGill first graders once a month for students to read with a volunteer, do a craft, check out books and sometimes have a treet.

The students and volunteers look forward to this activity the third Wednesday of each month. We appreciate Mrs. Darcy Evers bringing her class.

On Feb. 21st substitute teacher was Haley McKay. Depuy Sheriff Jeremiah Peterson came and gave a presentation on the duties of a policy officer.

Our library staff are all volunteers, striving to serve the community with a great selection of books, computers and free WiFi. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. Children’s activities Friday from 1 to 2 p.m.