February 26

GAYLYNN COATNEY-SCOTT: Probation violation. Court finds the defendant did violate probation as alleged. Defendant to remain in custody. Court will staff his case in Drug Court then will make a determination. Defendant remanded into custody. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding.

JACK LEWIS GREEN, JR.: Possession of a Controlled Substance, methamphetamine. Defendant pleads guilty. Court allows the defendant to withdraw his guilty plea, defendant chooses to stay with his guilty plea. Court finds the defendant offered his pleas voluntarily, knowledgeably, and intelligently. Court orders the clerk to notify Parol and Probation to prepare a Presentence Investiagion Report. Defendant is remanded back into custody. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu; Gary D. Fairman presiding.

DAVID ALAN GOFF: Defendant is guilty of Count 1: Attempted robbery, Count 2: Burglary, Count 3: Battery with intent to commit robbery, Count 4: Conspiracy to commit robbery. Court orders $25 AA fee, $3 GMA fee, $60 Chemical Analyis fee, Count 4: 24-72 months NDOC, habitual criminal enhancement dismissed, 2: 36-120 months, habitual criminal enhancement dismissed, Count 4: consecutive to Counts 1, 2 and 3. Count 2: 36-120 months, 2 concurrent to count 1, habitual criminal enhancement dismissed. Count 3: habitual criminal enhancement imposed, 5-20 years NDOC. Count 3: concurrent to counts 1 and 2. Defendant remanded back into custody. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.