This week the Ely City Council will decide whether or not to approve the issuance of a license for a marijuana dispensary in the city. If approved, the location would be at 940 E. Aultman and the name of the business would be called Acres Dispensary.

March agenda item was placed on the agenda by Mayor Melody VanCamp.  Acres is not new to the cannabis scene.  It opened up a store in Las Vegas last year and it is one of Nevada’s top dispensaries in the state. Acres has a cultivation facility 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas in Amargosa Valley that boasts 37.5 acres and 78 feet of inclusive water rights. The cultivation location is compiled of 50,000 square feet of cultivation and 4,000 square feet of production and extraction space.

John Mueller, founder and CEO of Acres, said he likes the small towns and saw a lot of potential of a location here in Ely. Mueller also noted the Nevada Department of Taxation mentioned to him that there was an opportunity in Ely.

With a 20,000 square foot dispensary in the heart of Las Vegas, Acres prides its production room as the only open-view cannabis extraction kitchen in Nevada.

Customers are able to watch as their extraction artists move through removing cannabinoids and terpeness from their flower to create their own cannabis oil.

Their location in Las Vegas at 2320 Western Ave. is open seven days a week15 hours each day.

Mueller said that Nevada really has the gold standard in the entire country when it comes to tracking, requirements and logistics required to operate a dispensary or cultivation business for cannabis.

If Acres is successful in receiving approval from the city, then a letter will be sent to the Department of Taxation requesting the state of Nevada provide all required public notification on an application window related to White Pine County, and specifically the City of Ely for issuance of a dispensary license.

The letter has already been prepared by VanCamp and is the following agenda item after the request for a issuance of a licence for the dispensary.

Mueller said once they are approved, permits and construction will begin as soon as possible. Hiring of employees will also be done with local residents.

Employees have to go through a fingerprint-based background check and the city requires work permits for people working in this type of field as well. Mueller’s application notes they would be employing four full time and three part time employees, and store hours would be from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“Competition is healthy for the community and for customers and we look forward to working collectively with the City of Ely” Mueller said.