The Chamber has purchased 1200 plastic Easter eggs and selling them for $1.50 per dozen. These will be used at the communities Easter Egg Hunts.

Please stop by the Chamber office and pick up the plastic eggs and then fill them with wrapped candy or other items as you may choose.

We are also looking for sponsors of the Easter Egg Baskets to be awarded on the day of the Easter Egg Hunts.

Contact persons: Ruth-Melissa Spear-293-3975, Ely-Cooperative Extension-293-6599, McGill-Stacy Laird-235-7442 or Brenda Garcia 293-2226, & Lund- Aubrey Carter-296-3303

Lund will be holding their Easter Egg Hunt on March 24th at the L.D.S. Church lawn, starting at 10 a.m.

Ruth (Community Park), McGill (Avenue K Park) and Ely (County Park).Easter Egg Hunts will be March 31st starting at 11 a.m.