Courtesy photo
Left to right, (Mine Operations Manager) Fred Sanders, (General Manager) Amanda Hilton, (Metallurgist) Christian Calvert, (Interim Technical Services Manager) Mike Creek, (Mine Engineer) John Seifert, (Chief of Metallurgy) Jessica Hurst, and (Business Improvement Specialist) Douglas Steiner attend the SME Gala Dinner in Minneapolis, MN.

The February 2018 Annual Conference for Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration in Minneapolis was greeted by Robinson Mine members of the SME Eastern Nevada Chapter. John Seifert, Robinson Mine Engineer, presented a research paper on the reclamation of in-pit tailings ponds and the relationships of government regulations this entails. Robinson Business Improvement Specialist, Douglas Steiner, presented  at the conference the topic of NaHS storage and delivery risk analysis regarding  the process’ hazard of gas omissions.