The Ely Times

Effective April 2, things will change when taking your trash to the landfill.

The City of Ely Landfill will require proof of a paid-up residential landfill bill in order to deposit residential household and residential construction waste without charge. Many questions arose with this notice so we contacted the City Administrator to get some clarification.

If you live in a rental property, you can give the staff at the gate the landlord’s last name and they will verify by utilizing the list.  If the bill is in your spouse or significant others name you can provide the last name and the staff will confirm it with the list.

This list will be updated twice a month. If you pay online it might be a great idea to print off your receipt.

Cash or check can be received at the gate when paying the $5 fee if applicable. To facilitate transaction time at the gate, please have driver’s license and a copy of your paid-up landfill bill available.

The only reason a citizen would have to be concerned when going to the landfill and having to pay the $5 fee is if your account is in arrears of 60 days or more.

If you have any questions or you want to resolve a past due account please contact City Hall at 775-289-2430 or you can go to the office located at 501 Mill St.