March 12, 2018

RYAN LEE SINGLER & EDWIN SINGLER: Court orders with recommendation of gross misdemeanor unlawful killing of a big game animal. Ordered to pay $25 AA fee, $3 GMA fee,m $350 PSI fee, $6,000 civil penalty, 270 days in White Pine County jail, suspended, probation not to exceed one year, 6 years no hunting, all parts of Elk to be given to NDOW, 40 hours community service at Wisconsin Game and Wildlife. Edwin has a $1,000 fine, Ryan has a $2,000 fine. Defendants to serve 10 days in jail, both defendants remanded into custody of White Pine County jail. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

JENNILEE TABURA: Guilty of two counts of attempted burglary. Court orders to pay $25 AA fee, $150 DNA fee, $3 GMA fee. Count 1: 19-48 months NDOC. Count 2: 19-48 months NDOC. Sentences to run concurrent t one another. Court suspends and places Defendant on probation, not to exceed 5 years. Defendant sentenced to 43 days jail with credit for time served of 43 days, $350 PSI fee to be paid within 9 months, $300 attorney fee to be paid within 9 months.

SARAH ARMSTRONG: Guilty of Grand Larceny. Recommendation of 12-36 months NDOC suspended and placed on probation, 12-36 months DNOC suspended on each count and probation imposed with order for testing, counseling and status checks or Track B Drug Court. Court orders a sentencing hearing continuation set for March 19, 2018.

March 19: Court orders $25 AA fee, $3 GMA, $60 Chamical Analysis fee, $150 DNA fee, $2000 restitution, 12-48 months NDOC. Court 1: 12-36 months NDOC, Count 2: 12-36 months NDOC, Count 1 and 2 to run concurrent with one another. Both sentences suspended and defendant placed on probation not to exceed5 years. 182 days in White Pine County jail with 182 days credit time served. $350 PSI fee, $300 attorney fee.

GAYLYNN COATNEY-SCOTT: Probation violation. Court orders Revocation of probation and reinstates with condition to successfully complete Drug Court.