The filing period for candidates to run for a elected position closed last Friday.

The following are candidates running for county seats:

County Clerk

Baldwin, Nichole (incumbent)

Rhoades, Meg

County Commissioner, Seat 1

Bullis, Ian  -Republican

McKenzie, Carol-Republican  (incumbent)

Chachas, George-Democrat

County Commissioner,  Seat 5

Dishong, Johnathan – Republican

Godon, Travis-Republican


Henriod, Scott –  incumbent

Sawyer, Ray

White Pine TV District No. 1., Seat B

Beckwith, Sid (incumbent)

Skye, Ericcson

School Board Trustee, District E

Adams, Amy

Willes, Cade H.

The following seats the following candidates filed unopposed

District Attorney

Wheable, Mike

County Assessor

Hilton, Burton

County Recorder

Sindelar, Martha Rivera

County Treasurer

Bakaric, Catherine

White Pine Hospital District Seats, 1 

Julie Gianoli,

Seat 2

Burton Hilton

Seat 4

Richard Rowley

McGill Ruth/Water Sewer General Improvement District , Seat A

Scoble, Lisa

School Board Trustee, District A

Sandoval, Tasheena

Baker Water/Sewer General Improvement District, Seat B5

Steadman, Terry

Soil Conservation, Seat DD

Backus, Gracyne

Soil Conservation, Seat EE

Cervantes, Juan Carlos

White Pine TV District No. 1, Seat D

Ulibarri, Devin

White Pine TV District No. 1, Seat E

Robertson, Nathan