Special to The Ely Times

Take extra caution next time you get out of your vehicle. Make sure you lock all doors, and ensure that your vehicle windows are closed and secure.

Sheriff Scott Henriod reported that there seems to be an issue of several reports of cars being broken into. The sheriff’s office reported four car burglaries have taken place in just the last week.

The person or persons have been entering into vehicles and stealing property. It seems to be taking place throughout Ely and not in one specific area. The sheriff’s office is working to identify the person or persons involved.

Henriod said, “We encourage all residence to lock their vehicles and to remove any valuables from their vehicles ever night. Thieves are opportunist and when given the chance they will take it. I would also encourage residents to make sure that their garages and homes are secured every day.”

Some tips to prevent you from getting your car broke into include;

Remove all valuables from your car.  If your belongings are visible, it dramatically increases the likelihood that a theft will target your vehicle.

Whether you are stepping away from your vehicle for just a minute or parking for several hours, doesn’t make a difference, it only takes a thief a couple of seconds to smash a window and grab your personal belongings.

Put small items in the glove box or console so they are out of sight. Put larger items in the trunk or hatch so thieves can’t see them.

Protect your audio system. Audio systems draw the attention of thieves even if there is no other valuables in sight.  Remove the faceplace from the head unit each time you leave your car.

Protect your car with a security system.  An automobile security system can help prevent break-in by sounding an alarm if your vehicle is the target of a break in.

Park your vehicle in a well lit area. Your parking location has a significant impact on how likely your car will be targeted for a break-in. Always try to park where you car is highly visible, day or night.

Carry your keys close to you as you approach your vehicle. When you approach your car, keep your keys in your hand but concealed in your pocket or purse, or against your body until you need to use them.  Lock your doors at all times.

Any one of these methods will assist in reducing the likelihood of having your vehicle broken into, and using more than one method will reduce the chances even further.  “Thieves always progress as they grow bolder or become more desperate. They will gain confidence and move onto bigger and better items to steal,” Henriod said.

If you have seen any suspicious activity or have information about these thefts contact the sheriff’s office at 289-8808.