March 19, 2018

PABLO SOLIS MARTINEZ: Guilty of transporting a controlled substance, methamphetamine. Ordered to pay $25 AA fee, $60 Chemical Analysis fee, $150 DNA fee, $3 GMA fee; 12-36 months NDOC suspended and defendant is placed on Diversion Program. Defendant must get permission from Idaho for supervision before leaving. Defendant is sensed to 53 days White Pine County jail with 53 days credit time served. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding.

March 27, 2018

JACOB HALLETT: Court ordered to pay $25 AA fee, $60 Chemical Analysis fee, $4 GMA. Court finds the defendant is guilty of a controlled substance. Court suspends the imposition of Judgment and places the defendant on a Diversion Program, not to exceed 3 years. Defendant to enter and successfully complete the 7th Judicial District Drug Court Program. Defendant to continue Ely Mnetal Health sessions and sign waivers. Defendant to do Track B Drug Court. Credit for time served, $350 PSI fee, $300 attorney fee. Judge Gary Fairman presiding.

NICHOLAS BETIACH: Probation violation. Court revokes probation and reinstates with modifications, must contact Ely Mental Health and successfully complete whatever program or treatment they may have, sign new releases. Defendant is sentenced to the number of days that the defendant has served and credit for time served. Judge Gary Fairman presiding.