By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

One of the biggest questions that faces the nation right now is how do we keep our children safe while they attend school.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer, but there are solutions if we are willing to work for them.

The first line of defense is always within ourselves. What are we doing as citizens to make sure these acts of violence stop? As parents and guardians we need to be talking to our children about their wellbeing. Asking them specific questions about life situations and how they are dealing with them. Look for warning signs that include violent behavior, and threats towards other individuals. Know what they are searching and reading on line.

Making sure if you’re a firearm owner that they are locked up and secured. These are just a few ideas to better connect with our children to try and prevent another tragedy.

As a Sheriff’s Office we have put several programs into place to deter this from happing in our community. Deputies are regularly seen walking through the schools, connecting with students and staff and letting them know that we are there for their safety, but also for any concerns that they might have.

Deputies are also taking the time to read books to our younger students creating positive bonds with the children. The Sheriff’s Office has assigned a deputy to attend the school district safety and facilities meeting to discuss any ideas or concerns that they might have.

Open discussions have occurred in the White Pine County Commission meetings with commissioners about funding a school resource officer that would increase school security.

These are some of the ideas and programs that we are working on and we will continue working on to make sure we have a safe environment for our children while they attend school.  Remember “it takes a village to raise a child.”