The Tour and Rec Board meeting was held last week and although the agenda was short, the items had much discussion.

George Chachas spoke during public comment. He said, “consider that whoever you hire should have the ability to hire their own staff. We need to have change here. The small town motels are dying here and that needs to change.”

Discussion regarding the air race budget took place with Lance Gale. “Were excited to have this event coming up in June,” Gale said.

Gale went over the schedule of events June 13-16, every morning at 5:30, tethered balloon rides will be available. It was discussed offering balloon rides on Sunday morning.

Four races a day and will last about 20 to 30 minutes. The races on Saturday will be the last races for the event. Each day a member of the community will be recognized from a different branch of the military.

Events at Broadbent Park will include music and a barbecue. The Lions Club is going to offer breakfast to the flight crews.  So much community support is coming in, but volunteers will be needed.

“We could see 3,000 to fiv5,000 for our first event this year.  Down the line years from now we could see 10,000 people,”  Gale said. “It is going to take 375 volunteers to help out.”

Staffing schedule for Bristlecone Convention Center in the interim until a new director is hired was another agenda item.

Joel Dunn was present at the meeting.  It was suggested by board member Caroline McIntosh to have the staff schedule emailed to them each week. Board Member Jolene Gardner said, “It is not going to change,” McIntosh said. “It does change when they have events, every week is somewhat different and we need to be aware of it.”

Lori Drew said, “We’ll put something together and you guys can tear it apart and we’ll re-put it together”.

The next agenda item was to open and review of all applicants resumes, statements of qualifications or applications for the position of White Pine County

Chairman Steve Stork said, “There were three mail in candidates. We received one from Lori Drew, one from Paula Carson and one from Ed Spear.  We’ll make copies for all board members.”

Stork went on to explain that he wanted to go through and make public to the names of the people who applied.

“I don’t see any sense in us delving into any details at this present time, but I’m inviting board members to take them home and review them.  Read and try to rank the top five applicants.  I believe we received over 30 applicants.  We did get a substantial number of applicants.”

Stork also noted that he believe that there were some stellar people, and some who obviously sent out resumes without looking into the details of the job because some don’t meet the requirements.

McIntosh said, “Do we have a copy of the job announcement to help us with the ratings?”

Commissioner Carol McKenzie was in attendance at the meeting and asked a question, “Your agenda item says opening and review all applicant resumes and yet you have them already copied there so apparently they’ve been opened before the meeting, not in the meeting as your agenda states, so how can you justify your agenda with what you’ve done there with your stack of names? When was that done?”

Stork explained that it was done at the start of the meeting. McKenzie said  “when were your’e copies made?”

Stork said, “These are all emailed applications, I tasked Marietta with receiving all of them, cataloging them, she’s the only one that saw them prior to this meeting. None of these are being made public until today.”

McKenzie said, “It kind of bothers me…” Stork interrupted by confirming that the ones that were mailed in were opened at the start of the meeting.

“I do have a little bit of concern of one of the board members being in charge of doing that, it should have been an independent un-involved person that did it rather than a board member. And definitely not staff if they were applying for the position,” McKenzie said.

Stork said “I think the liability and authority lies with the board.”

McKenzie said, “Still, you have to look at the open meeting law and make sure that’s covered also.”

Stork said, “I feel comfortable with where were at and you can feel free to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office.”

A public file was available for anyone interested in reviewing after the meeting.

Dunn took the moment during public comment to introduce himself.  Very familiar with White Pine county although none of his family members are left, his father was born and raised in Ely, grandmother, born in Ruth.

The last relatives to live in Ely, was his grandfather’s sister.  Comes out in the fall to hunt.  He looks forward to work on the transition.

“I’m not a consultant to come in and tell the community. What are the best attributes of Ely, why do you like living here,” Dunn said. “I look forward in working with the new director once that person is hired.”