KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
Tabatha Lowman with the Boys and Girls Club and Diane Buckner, Chairwoman from the Ely Shoshone Tribe handing over the donation.

The Ely times

The TSAA Nesunkwa Dispensary with the Ely Shoshone Tribe gave a donation of $3,000 on Tuesday to the Boys & Girls Club in White Pine County.

Mark Jacoby, director of program operations for the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee, noted that the Boys & Girls Clubs in the Reno area also receive donations from dispensaries.

Diane Buckner, chairwoman for the Ely Shoshone Tribe, said the tribe decided to give the Boys & Girls club the donation because they “wanted to give back to our community in some way, and be able to help where we can help and the boys an girls club seemed like a great opportunity.”

Jacoby noted that the funds will go towards operating the program, and he hopes to recruit more youth from the tribe.

The tribe also has their own rec program. Buckner said, “We are very pleased that the money is going to stay locally.”

It is estimated that the Boys & Girls Club’s daily attendance is 60 kids a day.  Programs are offered at White Pine High School, where they have about 30 youth at lunchtime at the high school.

The other 30 are split between the programs that are run out of the McGill Elementary School and David E. Norman Elementary.

Jacoby explained there are several programs available for parents.

There is a weekly fee but they offer discounts for kids whose parents can’t afford it.

“Some people think they may not qualify  because we offer a variety of programs that might work for some,” Jacoby said.

One program explained was a program for working parents, so kids have a place to go when parents are at work.  Sometimes only one parent may work, well there’s a program for that as well.

The Boys & Girls Club will be hosting a summer program event that will kickoff on May 17 at the Veterans Park located across from the Middle School on Aultman.

The club will be offering a free membership to each child that shows up and their parents sign them, this is a $20 value.  The event will also include a barbecue, bounce houses, face painting, activities and games.

“Last year we signed up about 200 kids, we’re hoping to sign up every kid in the community this year.” Jacoby said.  “Yes. It was 3,000. And you can quote me. We are hopeful the Tribal government, the City of Ely, and White Pine County will continue to work together to keep the money from cannabis local.

“We look forward to the community continuing to see the positive impacts of this new industry, instead of having it wither, die, or be exported to another jurisdiction. I am proud to be part of something that has made this donation possible.”