By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

I’m not sure what sparks the increase, but right now White Pine County is being hit with scams left and right.

The annoying phone calls come from a person trying to take your hard earned money just keep coming and unfortunately several of our citizens have fallen for these scams and have lost thousands of dollars. There are two scams that have hit the area really hard lately.

The first one I would like to warn you about is the scammer is calling local residence and pretending to be a Deputy or representative of the Sheriff’s Office.

The caller will inform you that you have unpaid fines, which will range from not showing up for jury duty or some type of warrant for your arrest. The caller will then request you pay the fine over the phone.

They may ask you to purchase gift cards or pay pack cards and provide the numbers off them to satisfy the fee owed. Remember the Sheriff’s Office does not and will not collect fines or fees over the phone.

The second scam is the caller states that they are from the IRS and claim you have failed to file your taxes or that you owe money in back taxes. Again the caller will use scare tactics to try and make you feel that you will be arrested if you don’t pay the fine over the phone.

Don’t fall for these type of scams. Discontinue any contact with the caller immediately by hanging up. And do not provide any personal information to the caller.

If you have any questions about the call being legitimate or would like to report the incident to law enforcement please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (775)289-8808.