I read about the upcoming White Pine County Delinquent Tax Auction. To all attendees I recommend you take the old adage, “Let the buyer beware,” very seriously.

Last year I purchased a property at the auction which appeared to have no liens on it. Needless to say, I was disappointed to learn later that the McGill-Ruth Sewer and Water District had a lien on the property in excess of $1,200. How a sewer/water bill can get that high without somebody from the agency looking into the problem is beyond me.

Months later I received notice that the City of Ely also had a lien on the property for about $1,000. Again I was surprised that a simple landfill fee could be allowed to get so high without anybody looking into the problem. This lien was not even filed until about a month after the auction. I was not aware that such action is legal, but I guess government agencies can do as they please.

Why am I writing this letter? LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

Randy Lee

May 2, 2018

To the citizens of Ely.

Now that the Mayor and City Council has chased away City Treasurer Trask by not heeding to recommendations on cutting expenses in the General Fund to keep it solvent. It is time for the citizens of Ely to raise up in protest to make the Mayor and Council understand by not cutting expenses in the General Fund and finding additional ways to cut spending you are going to put the city into financial difficulties to where the State is going to take over the city to try and make the city solvent again. If it can’t be done then they will disincorporate the city. This means that Ely will become a township like McGill, Ruth, Lund and Baker and will be at the mercy of White Pine County. It will more than likely mean that the paid firemen will be laid off as White Pine County won’t have the funding to keep them. This means your fire insurance on your homes and businesses will increase drastically. You won’t have the say in what streets are going to be repaired or when the snow will be plowed and hauled off. We the citizens of Ely are already giving White Pine County 100% of our property taxes and the CTX tax received by the city to operate will be divided between the School District, Hospital and White Pine Co. How is the County going to handle the extra expense of managing the city when they have their own money problems.

It is time for the Mayor and certain Council members to get off their high horse and start making the harsh decisions in cutting expenses immediately. Now that the City Treasurer has turned in her resignation do away with the city administrators position move it back to City Clerk and combine that office with the city treasurer position to create the appointed position of City Clerk/Treasurer according to ordinance under title 1 chapter 6 CITY OFFICERS and Employees 1-6-1 Appointed Officials. This will save the City approximately $50,000. If the current City Administrator isn’t capable of handling the treasurer position then replace him with one that can do both jobs.Your City Engineer’s contract is up 6-30-2018 and it is time to start following your ordinances appoint one if you feel you need a full time Engineer. Hire one at the wage scale we can afford. During the 2016-2017 budget year you paid your contract Engineer approximately $144,401,59, so far as of 3-10-2018 you have paid him approximately $82,864.55 in this budget year with 3 months left for more charges to accrue and White Pine County has paid him $47,940 for engineering services on the Murry Street Project for the same time frame.

This means you have paid out approximately $275,206.14 for engineering services for the last 1 ¾ budget years while White Pine Co. has paid him approximately $35,565 by hiring him on an as needed basis for the same time frame. Can we really afford this price tag for an engineer.

It is time for the citizens of Ely to attend the Special Council Meeting on May 7, 2018 at 5pm and demand that the Mayor and City Council start acting responsible or resign your office

Rick Stork