Letter to the Editor:

 Re: Adam Laxalt

Stroll past the Attorney General’s office in Carson City and the name is inescapable. “Adam Paul Laxalt” is plastered on nearly every smooth surface the fourteen letters will fit.

But what’s in a name? For Adam Laxalt, everything.

Voters in White Pine County would be wise to analyze and re-assess Adam Laxalt’s fitness for the highest office in the State. His campaign is based entirely on his well-known name, though in this case the apple has fallen quite far from the tree.

Paul Laxalt spent his life serving the people of Nevada first as District Attorney of Ormsby County and later as Governor and Senator. He worked across the aisle and at times roiled members of his own party’s base, striking deals with Ted Kennedy in the Senate and working to purge the extreme John Birch Society from the Nevada Republican Party.

Adam Laxalt on the other hand, moved to Nevada just before his run for Attorney General in 2014, having spent the better part of the previous decade in the swamp that is Washington D.C. and partying at Tulane University (by his own admissions). There couldn’t be a worse choice for Nevada or White Pine County than Adam Paul Laxalt.

As Attorney General he opposed extending overtime benefits to workers, signing on with other States to exempt workers making under $47,000 per year from overtime rules. The starting correction officer at Ely State Prison makes just over $42,000 per year and would not be paid overtime wages if Laxalt got his way. In fact, in his written opinion on the subject Laxalt specifically focused on denying overtime to state employees like the Correctional Officers who help keep Ely safe.

The Attorney General is supposed to be an attorney representing the people of Nevada, yet his actions in the position have been abnormal and unethical. He intervened on behalf of Sheldon Adelson before the Gaming Board in a conversation that made a gaming regulator so uncomfortable he felt a need to contact the FBI to confirm the legality of Laxalt’s requests. Laxalt was recently recorded on an airplane instructing staff members to use state time for political purposes, which is unethical and prohibited by Nevada law and administrative policy. Laxalt has also supported unnecessary amendments to the Sage Grouse Conservation Plans, essentially supporting increased federal regulation in White Pine County due to the likelihood these amendments cause a federal listing for the species.

White Pine County voters should look past the name and seek other options for their vote for Governor.


Alexander Jones

Ely Resident